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Beach Head 2002 Free Download Full Version For Pc [Latest-2022]




exe with your last breath.Defend .exe is a hard as nails 2D arcade game. The premise is simple. You are in charge of a hero/woman .exe who must defend their world against a rampaging horde of vicious creatures. Defend .exe puzzles ensue and players are rewarded with more of the creatures on a mission by mission basis. In the end, if a player can survive the horde of enemies long enough he/she will face an endgame challenge. Defend .exe features a variety of game play modes and skill levels. On top of all that you can pit your skills against a friend in the fast and furious duel mode.Defend .exe features two game play modes. :: Play as .exe and defend your world * The objective is to survive. The further you progress the more enemies you face. The more creatures you kill the more points you earn. * Skill levels are determined by your score and the amount of time it took you to reach that score. The more time it takes to reach a given score the higher skill level you will be awarded. * A unique skill level is earned based on how many opponents you have beaten. The higher number of opponents you beat, the more skill points you earn. Defend .exe features a simple but challenging control system. The game play features two main types of movement. Direct movement and zoom movement. Direct movement is the normal movement of the .exe on the screen. Zoom movement allows the player to move without moving the .exe onto the screen. Defend .exe features a lock on to enemy feature. This allows the player to shoot and destroy a enemies that is not on screen. :: Challenge your Skill Level * Players earn skill points based on how many opponents they beat. The higher the number of opponents a player can defeat in a given time frame, the more skill points that player is awarded. * Players can increase their skill level by being able to beat more enemies. This is how your skill level is earned. Skill levels are determined based on the amount of time it takes to complete a given level. * The higher your skill level the greater your weapons/specials will be. * The more time it takes to beat a level the more powerful your weapons/specials will be. * How you win is up to




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Beach Head 2002 Free Download Full Version For Pc [Latest-2022]

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